Maintaining accounting books and records in accordance with prevailing regulations and preparing and filing all the paperwork required by local authorities can be a time consuming and costly exercise. It places an administrative burden on your staff which has little perceived added value.

We can provide assistance on:

- Accounts payable ledgers and payments

- Accounts receivable ledgers and payments

- Expense reports

- Bank account creation and reconciliation

- Current accounting records

- Tax calculations

- Interior documentation and financial statements

- External financial statements

- Compiling and introducing accounts to Ministry of Taxes, The State Statistical Committee, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, non-budget funds and protect client’s interests

- Payments on behalf of clients to suppliers

- Processing sales and purchase ledger invoices

- Profit and loss statement, Statement of Financial Position, Cash flow statement

Why do businesses outsource their entire accounting departments to us? Some reasons include:

• Lack of bookkeeping processes & procedures

• Inaccurate or late financial reporting

• Inability to forecast or budget

• Poor or non-existent accounting technology integrations

• Lack of internal expertise and even theft